Providing quality labels

The impact of a label is much greater than you might think. It’s more than just a carrier of information, it’s an integral part of brand communication. A good label significantly boosts branding.

However, it is vital that you use them correctly, and that you stick to both the written and unwritten rules. In short, you have to master the etiquette of labels.

  • Power

    We take everything off your hands. If you place an order with us, we ensure that it goes without a hitch. You can count on that. It may be easier said than done, but thanks to the strength of our organisation, the effectiveness of our processes and the reliability of our order fulfilment, we always get it done. That’s the power of Vila.

  • Speed

    We like to get things done. We therefore strive to achieve the fastest possible delivery time, depending on the project and the printing techniques used. Speed is second nature to us. And although it may seem contradictory, the immense speed actually facilitates inner calm. Everybody in our team knows exactly where they stand and what is expected of them. 

  • Service

    We listen carefully to our business relations. We don’t like to say no, and we think together with our clients to find solutions to even the trickiest of problems. Our team is extremely flexible, has excellent problem-solving skills, and consists of devoted professionals with immense drive. They know what has to be done and they keep their promises day in, day out. 

  • Diversity

    Our wide range of products ensures that you always receive the best solution. Furthermore, we always focus on achieving an optimal balance between speed, price and quality. Our diversity is strengthened by the depth of our experience within a wide variety of sectors. This has taught us to always be flexible in our search for suitable solutions, which is of great benefit to our clients.

  • Quality

    We invest heavily in both our team and the latest technology. In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, we work in accordance with clearly defined processes and conduct strict internal checks. And that’s not all: as the material we work with is of great importance to the quality of the end result, we ensure that only the very best raw materials are used.